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Random acts of randomess

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Sometimes I heard the expression, "Wrong place, wrong Random acts of randomess used by grieving relatives. That approach to supposedly random tragedy may indeed provide a rationale or comfort of a sort, or it could just be a philosophical way of coping with something that doesn't bear thinking about.

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Either way it seems Random acts of randomess me that there is a distinction to be made between my being killed by somebody running a red light and being snuffed out by an asteroid landing on my house? If you asked me to describe the difference I'm not sure I could, except rabdomess say that I realise I could have been interstate actz the time of the asteroid event, and that begins a whole new debate about chance.

Perhaps it's about one incident being technically preventable and the other not? We have heard recently how 30 years ago Constable Angela Taylor and a colleague tossed a coin to see who would cross Russell Random acts of randomess, Melbourne to buy lunch.

Constable Taylor lost the toss, headed out the door and became a victim of the Russell Street bombing. Consider the timing, the randomness of that.

Random Acts of Randomness. 13 likes. Randomness we all partake in it; just sitting there and all of the sudden "Eye of the Tiger" races through your. Publisher, Random House. Publication date. Media type, Print, e-book. Pages, ISBN · · OCLC · · Dewey Decimal. /.3 LC Class, HGT Followed by, The Black Swan. Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets is a book by . Services admin T+

It's mind boggling at one level and specifically attributable to the acts of the perpetrators at another. Maybe that's the connection? Randomness has the capacity to produce fear and Random acts of randomess be used to do just that. Is it not the word random that usually precedes attack in the randoemss on terrorism around the world?

But randomness can be an enriching and creative entity too.

Social Media ROI: Stop the Randomness! | Pam Moore Speaker, Trainer, Consultant

Those bumper stickers about doing random acts of kindness invite us to balance the ledger and accentuate the positive. They will eat your ROI, brand equity and market share.

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Because they don't have to fund them, support them or integrate them. Bottom line they don't have to commit to them.

If that's what you want then go for it. For me, I'd rather have a project and a businss that is planned, focused, measurable, funded and integrated!

Chances are the management layer who cheered you Random acts of randomess to take the project will be running and hiding! They will want nothing to do with it!

Because it oc funded, doesn't bring positive ROI, was never resourced, and has no goals or objectives!

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So the same reason they gave you the project ends up being Randkm reason they are running! Fast forward to your quarter review with Random acts of randomess management. Unfortunately since your project has no plan, financial plan, metrics it is difficult to brag about all the wonderful things you did.

Plus, since you robbed Peter and Paul you did it for nothing! Guess what!?

Management is going to ask you to repeat the same thing Random acts of randomess quarter. Chances of you getting proper funding, allocated team resource to get your life back are far from none.

Good luck on that one!

It is your only hope! If you are a small business owner you have more control than some may at a larger company with more management layers. If you need to stop an activity, stop it!

Random Acts of Randomness. 13 likes. Randomness we all partake in it; just sitting there and all of the sudden "Eye of the Tiger" races through your. Services admin T+ Random Acts of Randomness. likes. A place for all things Random.. Jokes, Quotes and funny Pictures.. Join in!!.

Don't be afraid to hit pause on one thing to be successful with another! If you work in a larger company then you need to deal with your management.

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Document to the best of your ability the plan, resources required for proper budgeting, metrics to define success or failure and recommendations for how it will be integrated. Take this to your management and express your concern.

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Get integrated, get focused and dare to make the hard decisions needed to drive your business toward success! You can also c heck out a video I did a few weeks ago discussing this Big 62656 sluts in more detail! You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Random Acts of Social Media! How do you keep your head, twitter bird and bottom line above water?

Fooled by Randomness - Wikipedia

So what do Random acts of randomess do you ask? Get yourself organized. For each item ask yourself the following: About the Author: Pam Moore. Helps businesses of all sizes integrate social media into the DNA of their business, connect with target audiences to nurture authentic customer relationships.

Random acts of randomess I Looking Sexy Dating

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