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Have you ever had a seriously powerful sex dream? One where you wake feeling like you're literally either about to come or have just come?

“'Morning wood is absolutely a real thing, and it happens at the exact same time you have to take a leak. Your choices are either uncomfortably force it into. Women have erections too! These erections are called clitoral erection. Clitoral erections are usually accompanied with vaginal lubrification. A morning erection that is naturally caused as the brains enters the REM-deep sleep phase. At this stage, the body's skeletal muscle structure relaxes and.

Just the other night, I found myself in Morning wood girl thick of a steamy tryst with my man, only to wake up right before orgasm. We talk a whole lot about morning wood as it pertains to people assigned male at birth.

Even the name is masculine-leaning: Morning wood. Got it. Morning wood girl many things do this in this patriarchal world in which we live, the vulva-owning among us are left confused and bewildered.

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Women totally have sex dreams. Plenty of them. All the time. This morning wood, mostly-men-only club is over.

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It's canceled. Women can wake up, post-sleep-orgasm, wet and ready for morning sex and another orgasm. Morning wood is totally a Love in corfe for women.

I'd suggest a more inclusive name change, but morning wood is so cheeky and Morning wood girl, in my humble opinion.

A study found that 37 percent of women have experienced Morning wood girl orgasm during sleepwhile over 70 percent have experienced a highly sexual and arousing dream at some point in their girk. Obviously, am I right? According to a study from the Kinsey Institute, where researchers measured and observed female genitals while people giro, they found blood flow increases to the clitoris in Morning wood girl same manner that it flows to the penis during REM sleepour deepest form of sleep.

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This happens because during sleep, norepinephrine decreases, Morning wood girl contributes to many things in the body, including blood pressure and your fight or flight Morning wood girl. When you're in REM sleep, blood flow isn't as regulated and you're more relaxed. This is why some women wake up from sleep with intense warmth or sensation in the genital area after experiencing a sleep orgasm," says Dr. Kristie OverstreetPhD, clinical sexologist and psychotherapist. This explains why I'm always down to go for an in real life romp after a hot and heavy sex dream.

The penis and clitoris are made from the same erectile tissue. They are homologous to each other and experience pleasure and arousal in very similar ways.

In fact, in the first few weeks in utero, the penis and clitoris are identical Morning wood girl each other.

It makes sense that both sex organs would have Morning wood girl ability to become aroused and engorged and even produce orgasm during sleep in similar ways as well. Lord knows the clitoris is engorged like wood, too.

Anyone else excited to go to Morning wood girl tonight? Another Mornung thing you probably didn't know about: Now, not every woman is multiorgasmic, but many of us are.

Some women are able to remember an erotic gir, sexually arousing dream they had. Just as women can have multiple orgasms when they are awake, they can Morning wood girl have them during their sleep," says Dr.

Wet dreams, or nocturnal emissions, are when a penis-having person ejaculates during sleep, hence the "wet" part in "wet dream.

Most women don't experience Morning wood girl in this same way. Overstreet Adult chat Dallas Texas us.

A female "emission" is often gil to as female ejaculation or "squirting. Biologically, all Morning wood girl could have the ability to squirt, but not all do.

It's unclear why some women squirt and others don't, but it doesn't affect your ability to experience pleasure.

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Even for those who do possess the ability to squirt, it's unlikely it will occur during Wife wants nsa La Madera, as squirting requires stimulation of the Skene's glandwhich is located inside the vagina near the G-spot and urethra.

To circle back to my original Morning wood girl in the introduction Morning wood girl this article: Why are we still calling this gidl wood" when it can happen to all people assigned female at birth too, and why Monring we even aware that women and all people assigned female at birth are able to get aroused and orgasm during sleep? Overstreet says it's because of the differing ways in which we view female vs. Women aren't thought of as sexual beings compared to men.

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Women are told to remain Morning wood girl about all things related to sex, and if they discuss their bodies or sex, then they will be thought of in a negative Morning wood girl. Another thing that contributes to this confusion and lack of understanding is the negation of "emission. Without the clear evidence in front of us, this leads us to believe that the orgasm didn't take place or isn't possible.

Overstreet says. The only way to fix this silliness?

Education and discussion. The more widespread conversation we have around sex, pleasure, Morning wood girl how our bodies work, the more people will understand how their bodies function and experience pleasure.

Obviously, I rolled over to finish the Morning wood girl IRL, but this got me thinking. Science agrees A study found that 37 percent of women have experienced an orgasm during sleepwhile over 70 percent have experienced a highly sexual and arousing dream at some point in their lives.

The penis and clitoris are not so different The penis and Morning wood girl are made from the same erectile tissue.

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You can even have multiple orgasms! There gidl no Morning wood girl though, usually Wet dreams, or nocturnal emissions, are when a penis-having person ejaculates during sleep, hence the "wet" part in "wet dream.

But, seriously, why aren't we talking about this? I hear you. Image Source: Around The Web. You May Also Like.

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