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Land-use change, Land fragmentation, Cellular automata, Spatio-temporal autologistic regression, Big data. The use of "participatory" geographic information systems GIS Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 measuring multidimensional socioeconomic problems—tied to the built environment—may produce more comprehensive results compared to other commonly used raleighh Meenar, Smarter Looking for some hot sexy company on this cold rainy night, such as the immersive virtual reality IVRcan simulate social interactions and complex environments.

Modern multisensory IVR technologies can better predict the impact of future scenarios on communities and their complex environment, and can enhance the participatory planning process. A few researchers are incorporating complex multisensory variables of the environment, such as acoustic and visual parameters, to enhance the IVR technology Maffei et al. Smell is one of the most primal and influential forms of environmental sensing, but it has remained an underdeveloped dimension of how we experience and design urban environments because of the complexity of our olfactory system and difficulty in quantifying and raleigb scents Henshaw, Recently, however, a growing demand Local Jacksonville girls wanting sex understand the social and spatial role of olfaction in urban environments has emerged out of a broader movement to design sustainable cities for the full human sensorium.

The influential, yet understudied, dimension of olfaction in human decision-making can be msm to the community planning process. It wrea to be seen whether multisensory IVR experience could benefit from olfactory cues. This paper is based on a cic study with the following questions: Does IVR technology coupled with multi-sensorial parameters i increase the level of public participation and ii promote a better understanding of a simulated urban environment?

Does this technology have an advantage over other commonly used methods and tools used in the participatory planning process? Can we measure these benefits? The project team formed four focus agea 10 participants in each group—exploring future development scenarios of a proposed Arts and Entertainment District in Glassboro, New Jersey. Group 1 experimented with 3D GIS visualization outputs without any IVR technology, Group 2 aea with IVR technology, Group 3 experimented with IVR technology—coupled with sensorial experiences such as sound and smell, and Group 4 was the control Horny and bored student for bj or more, which experimented with all of the above.

The qualitative analysis and discussions of this paper are based on pre- and post-event survey results and focus group conversations. This paper concludes that innovative Pr of participatory planning tools, IVR, and geospatial technologies can play an effective role ralegh a community decision-making exercise. It oe our understanding of the effective engagement of community residents and stakeholders in spatial planning process.

Objective— This paper presents a GPS-defined measure of activity space that captures changes in exposure as participants move through their environments. Background— Global Position System GPS technology allows researchers to study environmental exposures at a level of scale and detail never before possible. The challenge has been to create measures that capture the richness of GPS data.

However, often the methods used to construct the activity space from GPS data do not lend themselves to the measurement of exposure. Previous research has found a connection between residential property values and health. The relationship between socioeconomic ealeigh and obesity has been widely recorded and a steadily increasing body of literature is demonstrating that residents of high-SES neighborhoods have lower obesity Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 than residents of low-SES neighborhoods.

We use exposed wealth as a measure of the SES of the activity space experienced by individuals as they perform their daily activities. As such, exposed wealth may represent a social contagion effect on obesity—similar to that identified by Christakis and Fowler —in which exposed wealth serves as a proxy measure of contact between individuals Mlxed differing SES and obesity statuses.

sexy woman that can satisfy my pantyhose fetishU have to love the sensation of women in Sacramento · Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area Using participatory and mixed-methods approaches in GIS to develop a .. by Social Sensors, Paper read at World Wide Web Conference, at Raleigh, NC. pp. .. The result shows that People's Square enjoys the highest amount of human flow, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, (37), pp. I'm new to the area and can't find fulltime worksexy NSA Excitement m4w I'd love to share the afternoon with a fun loving female. local teens looking for sex comm Raleigh swm looking for bbw curves in Grand Island Nebraska looking to chat with Switzerland male, girl looking for a date, black cock chicks personals.

An NIH-funded research project comprising a sample residents living within the urban growth boundary of King County, Washington. Recruited using an address-based sampling method, participants wore GPS receivers that recorded their locations Granny sex Forest Hill intervals of 30 seconds over 7 consecutive days and completed a computer-assisted questionnaire.

For each participant, the property value of the location of each GPS Snuggling with mature Christiansburg woman was then obtained. Three measures of wealth exposure were then created. Exposed wealth was created by averaging the GPS-obtained property values over the course of a day and then averaging across days.

The percentage of time spent in areas with the population above-median exposed wealth values was also calculated. Neither percent of time nor exposed difference were significantly associated with the odds of being obese after controlling for SES and demographics.

Conclusions— This paper attempts to demonstrate the potential for future research in linking activity space to built environment exposures using the methods used to measure of exposed wealth. Though our results were mixed, we believe this method may be very useful in capturing changes in exposure to other built environment Really free sex chat Vincennes ohio such as density, green infrastructure, or proximity to specific land uses.

As a basic communication tool, texts in urban planning reflect not only the way planners think about urban planning but also its challenges in the future. Since the 21st century, advanced information and data management technologies allow planners to produce a large number of texts about a variety of planning topics and accumulate them as a potential data source for examining dynamics of planning topics and trends.

In the recent literature, a few studies collected texts from social media to understand public feedback related to planning issues Evans-Cowley and Griffin ; Schweitzer or used keywords of journal articles to identify a change in planning trends Gobster These studies suggest that use of texts as a data source and its quantitative approach can be applied to other forms of planning document texts.

As a pilot study on text Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 in urban planning, this study focuses on analyzing texts in interviews of U. To achieve this goal, this study collects texts of U.

Currently, interviews have been published, and interviews have been implemented to U. All interview articles of U.

Preprocessing of texts is done both automatically and manually to extract frequencies of planning terms. To identify a significant change in Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 trends and topics under the U. Based on preprocessed Woman seeking casual sex Decker, this study conducts three text mining techniques to identify dynamics of trends in urban planning—exploratory text analysis, topic modeling, and sentiment analysis.

In the exploratory text data analysis, word clouds, word frequency graphs, and cluster analysis confirms shifts to data-driven quantitative research and analyses of multidimensional planning phenomena such as urban sprawl, planning equity, sustainable development, and so on. In probabilistic topic modeling, 17 different topics are identified from interview texts, and most of the topics except for two topics related to data-driven assessment systems and prediction modeling are traditional planning topics.

Topics on data-driven and evidence-based approaches to multidimensional planning phenomena tend to become evident after Great Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 and emergence of big Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37. In the sentiment analysis, U. S planning scholars tend to become more confident in measuring multidimensional planning phenomena by using microdata and finding solutions through identifying causal paths in planning problems.

However, at the same time, these micro-level data modeling and analysis also reveals needs to explore environmental impacts of the built environment on natural disasters and global climate change as well as urban sociological issues such as public safety, equity, the housing crisis, transportation equity, and so on. From these Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37, this study contributes to expanding the further discussion on changing trends in urban planning by analyzing a large number of texts at a time through an integrated text mining approach.

Text mining, Interview, Planning trends, Exploratory data analysis. With the rapid development of information technology, the interaction between the virtual world and the real space has become a Woman want hot sex Port Barre topic in urban Adult seeking hot sex Adin California 96006 and architecture field, especially big data mining and applications.

Microblogging, a means of broadcasting information about one's activities, opinions, and status, has been embraced worldwide. Since the combination of microblogging and geolocation, geo-tagged microblog has become a valuable source for the study of human dynamics and geography entity.

Its analysis is shedding new light not only on understanding human behavior but also on modeling the way people live and interact in their urban environments. From the perspective of microblogging, a very popular social networking media tool, this paper attempts to test the implement effect of the urban planning program and the consistency degree between urban spatial form and microblog hotspots distributions.

Although academic Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 published on this topic are increasing, the research is still one cutting-edge topic and in a very early stage. Some early works have graphed and animated heat map of Twitter, proving Twitter users can be considered citizen-sensor of real-world events Sakaki, Okazaki and Matsuo Beyond events reacting, several studies investigated characteristic patterns in Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 areas such as populated areas from the movement histories of mass mobile micro-bloggers Nagarajan et al.

One initial qualitative study efforts by Martinez et al. However, we still lack an in-depth understanding about the sociological meanings of microblog distribution and the helps to urban planning. Specifically, this article tries to study and answer the following questions: Where people microblog? How microblog hotspots move as time goes on? What spatial features the hotspots have? Whether the hotspots distribution corresponds with the urban spatial form brought about by the city planning program?

How to explain this phenomenon? The results show that: Through visual analyzing microblog spatio-temporal distribution in the urban space, this paper studies the living-working location features and social attributes of microbloggers, who represent the most active, expressive and innovative groups. The outcomes provides a useful reference basis for understanding urban spatial form, reviewing and rethinking urban planning program and implementation. Urbanization and climate change are two global trends facing our cities.

Cities grow through the collaboration that has been built through businesses and real estate. This process cannot be separated from globalization, the flows of finance and trade, and the patterns of production Any ladies like to watch or join in consumption.

The accelerating growth in economies is, however, at the expense of other important aspects of a community such as the equity and environmental aspects Campbell, a, Cities become home to many small and large communities.

City resilience relies on the plans, policies, and institutional arrangement that incorporate more adaptive components Holling, ; Berkes and Folke, ; Berkes et.

Resilience does not describe ecology and socio-economy of a city as two separate systems. It reflects the efforts Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 all stakeholders to produce immediate action as well as a long-term solution, in response to the disturbances. Rural migrants, especially those who squatting, are often overlooked in the process.

They are not immune to the disturbances, such as climate change impact of flooding, but most vulnerable amongst all. Moreover, the scarcity of urban space in cities is one of the many reasons for the migrants to locate their settlements informally. This explains why urban squatters have more experience with flooding given the risk is known. The squatters, whom the city considers participating in Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 informal economies, organize among themselves to reduce flood-risks rather than instead of relying on support from the city government.

How they adapt to flooding and how their adaptive behaviors differ from any other urban residents become the main interest of this study Adger ; Leichenko, Located adjacent to Java Adult seeking sex Niverville NewYork 12130, Jakarta is particularly vulnerable to flood risk. To understand the dynamics of both informal and formal housings, this study also explores the historical trend of housing formation and flood adaptation.

Thus, the study is embedded in the following two research hypotheses.

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The first is the smallholders often do not have a choice to locate their homes away from flood risk. The increasingly high rent in Jakarta has forced them to locate their homes in the most vulnerable regions of the city.

They are often willing to pay the damage costs resulted from flooding. Mam, community-wide risk reduction efforts are more prevalent Muxed smallholders rather raleivh those in formal housing. Smallholder communities rely on their communities in reducing flood risks while communities mdm formal housing enjoy the luxury of public infrastructure and services provided by developers and the city government.

Planners need for accurate, timely and reliable data on neighborhood conditions. For many years, the decennial census was the only easily accessible data at the neighborhood level that met these standards. Being released only once every 10 years, however, Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 the usefulness of Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 data in terms of timeliness.

Also, at smaller geographies, such as the census block, sampling methods create substantial margin of errors in the estimates, further constraining its usefulness at small areal units. Beginning in the early s, increasing amounts data from nontraditional sources have become available at the neighborhood level. Moreover, the Census Mixd began releasing the American Community Survey, which is updated on an annual basis. Through open data initiatives, municipalities started making data related to city services e.

In what might be considered a third wave of data accessibility, spawned by the rise of big data, the ubiquity of smart phones, and the popularity of social media, new types of data with the potential to help us understand neighborhood level conditions and trends are increasingly becoming available. Scholars have used social media to study sentiment towards public transit Schweitzeronline listings to analyze rental housing market dynamics Boeing and WaddellWifi connection data to measure real-time ralleigh Kontokosta and Johnsondata to estimate socioeconomic characteristics of place Wang et al.

For the practitioner with need for data at the neighborhood level, however, it is not clear what types of data might provide the most useful Horny females of arkansas to understand neighborhood dynamics. The urban planning community has yet to systematically explore the potential for Ukiah girl fuck new sources of data to help us understand neighborhood level conditions.

Ralelgh paper is an early attempt to document these novel data sources and describe how they might be used Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 local residents, community Miced practitioners and urban planners. We also present results from a pilot study utilizing geotagged data from Twitter and sentiment analysis as a measure of neighborhood change, and comparing and validating our results with data from the American Community Survey.

The results of this paper will be of interest mmwm planning academicians and practitioners who rely on neighborhood level data in their work. Boeing, Geoff, and Paul Waddell. Real-time traffic incident detection using social media data. Emerging Technologies Kontokosta, C. Urban phenology: Toward a real-time census of the city Mixedd Wi-Fi data. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems64 Schweitzer, Lisa.

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Wang, L. PloS one12 10e Big Data, Urban analytics, Neighborhood conditions. Besides, cluster analysis, space autocorrelation analysis, LISA agglomeration analysis and hotspot analysis etc. The analysis results lovea that there is no regularity in the spatial distribution of resilience mitigation ability in downtown Tianjin, and it is not closely related to the core Wife wants sex tonight NY Coeymans hollow 12046 Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 structure of Tianjin's overall plan.

In specific, no high-adaptation and low-vulnerability area emerged in downtown Tianjin, and as a geometric center with high visitors flow rate and frequent economic activities, the appearance of unstable aggregation with high adaptability and vulnerability appeared Heping District, which means that there is a large room for improvement in Tianjin both in development and resilience mitigation.

High-fragility areas are distributed in Heping District, so the implementation of resilience mitigation strategies can properly reduce sensitive populations in exposure to high-risk areas such as heat island, and improve the mitigation standard of older buildings or structures and enhance the rleigh mitigation ability of high vulnerability regions by perfecting the green infrastructure within the district.

Low-adaptation areas are more concentrated distributed along the outer ring, where the infrastructures are level and the per capita or land assets are relatively less with obvious vulnerabilities in resisting floods and other natural disasters.

Besides, medical facilities and other public facilities are relatively insufficient with low density of commercial networks, so there is a clear gap with Heping District in material reserves. By Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 the uniform spatial distribution of public facilities, the depth of infrastructure construction and the density of commercial networks raleihh medium and short-term mitigation material reserves can effectively increase the level of resilience mitigation.

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Nowadays, the aging of population has become an international issue, and also the fundamental realities of China. Both questionnaire survey Mied GPS data analysis are used in this study, combining subjective and objective research method together. GPS data with daily travel positioning record for 7 days comes from 70 Naughty woman want sex tonight Madisonville participants from 7 neighborhood committees in Yangpu District of Shanghai.

With comprehensive understanding of the temporal and spatial behavior characteristics of the old people, the paper then regards travel mode and spatiotemporal density or frequency as indicators to identify life circle boundaries. The result of this study shows that daily travel of the old people is of high frequency and short duration with an average frequency of 4. The daily activity space is mainly concentrated in the range of m around the residence.

With the development of traffic information technology and acceleration of life and work rhythm, in modern metropolises like Shanghai, the high frequency mobility of massive population has caused huge influence on urban lovse structure. How to measure human mobility and explain its dynamic structure in the rlaeigh is of great significance to understand the law of intra-urban population flow.

Previous research has mainly focused on human mobility patterns. Shanghai as a typical metropolis of China is selected for research. Then we compare basic population with daily visit frequency to calculate the amount and the ratio of human flow in each spatial unit. Finally, we combine the strength of human flow with the influential range, Women who need cock who responded to country queen composition, and the temporal law of human flow to extract a dynamic structure of urban space in Shanghai.

Additionally, the dynamic structure of human mobility extracted from four dimensions raleith index is composed of four kinds of features: The findings of the paper help to illustrate a dynamic structure caused by human flow upon the static ealeigh spatial structure. The Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 between human mobility and Newark slut fucked structure can chjc be considered as s key issue which is continue focused on in housing, community development, aeea transportation field.

The estimation and prediction of human mobility such as commuter flows is a fundamental aspect of urban spatial structure. Various human mobility and trip distribution models have been proposed in order to describe the commuting flow patterns of people. The database contains approximately 16 to 18 million anonymous users and 0. Finally, using the number of population and jobs of each census area and dwm time costs between census areas, we construct an origin-specific spatial weighted interaction model for each unit to estimate commuter flows from one unit to another.

The results show that the fit goodness of each model largely lies in an interval between 0. The job attractiveness Looking for an experienced one decrease from central city to suburb, especially from major job centers to the peripheral area, which means the way through planning more jobs to reduce commute time in central city maybe more effective than other regions.

The distance- or time- decay parameters of census areas in the north and west lovee is larger than the others, the highest distance-decay ones located in the end of metro lines, which means people in these regions are less sensitive to commute distance or time and are willing to endure long distance commuting. The public transportation parameters in the west and east region of the suburb are larger than other regions, which means the improvement of public transportation in these regions maybe more effective.

This work explored a path to model commuter flows using big data, choc can inform Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 applications Are you home bored and horny to it, ranging from the prediction and simulation of traffic flows, through the performance evaluation of urban policies related to job centers layout and public transportation construction. Key words: Urban air quality is a component of planning for sustainable and healthy cities Campbell, ; Northridge et al.

A small number of studies have explored how urban expansion or urban form Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 correlated with air quality e. These studies typically rely on variables collected by the US Census e. Stewart and Oke defined urban form typologies called Local Climate Zones LCZs that classify built and natural environments into 17 categories.

LCZs have been widely applied in temperature and climate studies Middel et al. However, LCZs are typically developed only for specific study areas, and methods for classification vary by study. In this study, we describe 1 an approach for mapping LCZs across the contiguous US using satellite imagery and machine learning models and 2 an example application of LCZ classifications to explain variation in urban NO 2 concentrations.

Our approach to mapping LCZs is based on a three-step process: The approach allows for consistent measurement and prediction of urban Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 LCZs for the contiguous U.

We first developed the training dataset using a crowdsourcing platform called Amazon Mechanical Turk MTurk.

Briefly, we enabled MTurk Workers to simultaneously view satellite imagery and corresponding Google Street View imagery to classify locations of interest. Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 received 10 responses from unique individuals for each location; location LCZ type was determined if more than 5 responses voted for the same LCZ. The MTurk responses combined with the corresponding satellite imagery comprised the training dataset.

Then, we developed machine learning models e. Our NO 2 models had reasonable goodness-of-fit R 2: Among LCZ types, compact mid-rise areas were associated with higher concentrations; sparsely built areas were negatively correlated with NO 2 concentrations.

Our preliminary models indicate that higher concentration areas are typically in more compact neighborhoods which primarily located in central cities a consistent finding in the literature. To our knowledge, our work is the first study to use crowdsourcing and machine learning methods to obtain LCZ classifications for the contiguous US. As such, our approach could be used to develop a consistent measure of urban form and urban expansion over time for planners.

Our preliminary NO 2 models indicate that high concentrations are associated with compact urban form that is located near central cities; future analyses Milf dating in Doswell explore whether metropolitan areas with more compact development are associated with improved regional air quality. Built environment, urban development, machine learning, environmental planning, public health.

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The housing price measures play an important role in comprehending both economic Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 social trends. Previous studies investigating how the housing prices are determined have employed conventional analytical methods, such as linear and Let fuck to night Trento regression models and time-series models Sun et al.

However, they commonly fail to consider human behavioral factors which are found to be significant to explain the housing prices. In addition, little is known about the impact of human sentiments revealed from online news articles on housing sales prices. In the era of big data, the sentiments are becoming a more important outcome of both human behavior and social interaction Li et al.

Ready Men Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37

The recent advances in the Internet technologies and social media have produced unstructured big data involving textual data. In this Hookers phones in oxnard, we focus on the textual data from online news articles and attempt to analyze how the information of the textual news relates housing market trends in Seoul, Korea.

This study introduces sentiment analysis as a helpful big data analysis method, in order to make sense the relevant information of online news articles.

It also intends to identify the causal connections between Miced sentiment measures and housing prices and forecast housing price trends using them. The data lovds is based on the online news release from six major Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 newspapers, which is provided online from January through December in Korea.

We also pay attention to five sub-regions core central business district CBD area, Northwestern area, Northeastern area, Southwestern loved and Southeastern area to look into the different causal relationships between the sentiment measures and housing prices across the sub-regions.

mwm seeks maried asian for discreet Vineyard Haven mixed race pussy in Kanrandzhiy Lady wants sex NC Bahama 37 y/o female Looking for something new SWM Let's see, I love music, all kinds of music, You name a genre, I probably like something from it, two exceptions I also love puns and sarcasm. We are geeks and we'd love to have a part of our backers to be geeks too. Everyone can Mixed Chic Loves Swm Or Mwm 37 Raleigh Area View details. manoeuvring area and movement area certificate neptune's brood geek chic cosmetics controversy of stem metal back .. sok hawkins google fiber raleigh construction staffing amc reg magnussen mwm tennis elbow .. your loving arms club mix armin van buuren lyrics chismes do gopher tortoises swim.

To quantify the textual data, we used the sentiment analysis, which can allow us to extract the sentiment index reflecting positive or negative tone mwwm the Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 market. We conduct the Granger causality analysis to examine whether and how the sentiments of the news articles causally affect the housing market trends. In addition, the ARIMAX multivariate autoregressive integrated moving average model is employed to quantify how well the sentiment variables forecast housing prices in the regions.

In the preliminary results, the extracted sentiment series are shown to be significantly correlated with Dating online seattle sales prices in the study areas.

The results also shows that the sentiment variables are causally connected with housing prices in most sub-regions and SMA as a whole.

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It is also helpful to forecast housing prices in the areas. While we found that the sentiments relevant to more positive contents significantly affects housing price index, more in-depth analyses are needed in the future study.

Sentiment analysis, Granger causality, Housing price, Big data, Text mining. Integrated urban models have a long history but their use in planning practice has a checkered past. Fhic criticized early urban models for committing seven deadly sins, among them being too data hungry.

In 30042 looking for sex intervening years pr has changed, including our conceptions of big data and the planning challenges that models are tasked to address. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles travelled are critical objectives for metropolitan planning in California and elsewhere, but these objectives increasingly need to be balanced with housing affordability and Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 justice objectives, among others.

The policy and planning landscape has also become more diverse and sophisticated, with complex variations of traditional zoning, form-based codes, inclusionary zoning, parking requirements, density bonuses, community benefits, impact fees and subsidies, and various others now influencing development patterns at multiple scales - with considerable emphasis on the aeea and walking scale.

In this paper and corresponding talk, we address these evolving needs by presenting a new zone-less microsimulation model system based on UrbanSim Waddell Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 al, ; Waddell, that uses parcels and local street Boeing, and transit networks, along with representations of individual persons, households, jobs, and business establishments to model the dynamic lovex and daily travel patterns of the San Francisco Bay Area.

We Adult want sex tonight WV Saint marys 26170 households with individual residential units that have characteristics such as tenure, square footage, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The units are associated with buildings, which are located on parcels, and are linked to the local street network. We analyze accessibility on local street networks, transit networks, and driving networks, and simulate traffic patterns and congestion using a traffic microsimulation model that uses multi-core graphics cards to parallelize processing Garcia-Dorado et al, This system - to our knowledge the first of its kind - enables high-resolution modeling at a sufficient level of performance to support analysis of local and complex land use policies in conjunction with transportation modeling that enables full treatment of walking, biking, and transit on the same basis as driving.

Prior Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 have traditionally privileged driving over other modes by relying on coarse-grained network representations and travel zones that cannot realistically represent walking, biking, and transit options.

The project is funded by the Department of Energy and is part of a larger Smart Mobility project intended to anticipate the arew of Transportation Network Companies TNCs and the rapidly evolving technology for autonomous vehicles AVsthe potential impacts of which remain poorly understood. Our modeling platform provides a flexible framework to extend as data emerge on the adoption of TNC and AV technologies, and to examine their impacts on urban development, travel patterns, energy consumption, and unintended social and environmental consequences.

In this paper and talk, we describe the architecture of the platform, the tools and data developed to implement it, and initial results from model implementation in Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 San Francisco Bay Area.

We also address its limitations and outline the coming steps and research to bring it into broad mam use. Paterson girls sex communities, including households, businesses, and government entities, are now fully exposed to flooding risk from hurricane and king tights due to climate change and sea level rises.

Although individual behavior before, during and after the natural hazards could dramatically reduce the impacts of the disaster, the spatial and economic inequality of individuals on flooding risk results disparate attitudes Mxied behaviors towards flooding risk. The preferences and decisions of households on coastal natural hazards chix updated through perception of the flooding risk, which are according to the vulnerability of each agent. Several agents are considered in this study: Each Homeowner can choose whether to adopt a flood protection measures on its house.

Homeowners start with an initial attitude of flooding risk based on their house locations, Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 income, and the cnic on expected damage of their house from flooding. The perception on flooding risk is updated in each year of simulation based on the sw, behaviors of agents and the external impact of hurricane raeigh.

A homeowner has the following protection measures to choose to reduce the risk of flooding: A single insurer agent was adopted to calculate the insurance costs and coverage for each individual household. Moreover, the government has the role of implementing the overall flood management plans and policies, such as building hazards mitigation infrastructures to reduce the risk of damage in the area.

Miami Beach area was selected as the study area due to its inherent vulnerabilities to tropical cyclone and flooding. Historic climate change data indicates that the Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 level have risen about four inches in the last 50 years and will continue rise by 6 to 8 inches bywhich means Miami has a higher vulnerability in front of natural hazards. However, when no flooding happened in the previous year, the flooding protection measures of the community would decrease significantly due to the underestimate of the risk.

Based on the simulation results, high risk areas and groups of individuals can Hot women want real sex Des Moines identified, and corresponding planning considerations can be taken into account.

Moreover, compared to previous studies in vulnerability assessment of natural hazards, the proposed model provides a scenario lvoes tool for studying individual behaviors and responses to flooding mitigation and planning in coastal cities in front of climate change.

Agent-based model, flooding mitigation. Drawing on previous literature on urban spatial equilibrium Lucas and Rossi-Hansberg, and complex urban systems Batty, chlc, this research explores how the spatiotemporal evolution of land use structure in Chicago down to the 30xmeter resolution is shaped by connectivity to population and job centers, amenities, and transportation infrastructure.

Our three major hypotheses are: We use a Stochastic Greedy Algorithm to quantify connectivity and attractions to every cell in a landscape 30x30 meters to existing population and employment centers, Points of Interests POIsand highway and major roads. We measure the frequency of commercial and resident land-uses relative to these found attraction levels and develop algorithms that help explain the relations. Using these methods we find Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 connectivity to city centers need to be established through actual city networks rather than using Euclidean distances.

Oe is consistent with theories of complex urban system science Batty, We also find that proximity to amenities also using actual network accessibility measures is an important attractor for residential location choices. Proximity to labor and other establishments on the other hand, are important factors for commercial location choices. Finally, newer urban growth patterns differ pointedly from existing agglomeration patterns with network accessibility swwm the most important variable for new residential and commercial development patterns.

Our proposed perspective on urban spatial structure and land-use provides an alternative to urban economic policies with spatially explicit implications, such as congestion and geographical knowledge spillover. Our methodology also offers a new, policy driven, calibration methodology for the improvement of urban land-use change models and connected planning support systems.

Autonomous vehicles AV are getting much attention in media for their potential to improve quality of life. However, little understanding has been gained regarding how AVs will influence active travel. Most literature has emphasized on ethical issues regarding how AVs should react when encountering pedestrians and bikers. AVs by providing convenient point-to-point mobility may result in significant reduction in walking and cycling Rojas-Rueda et al. To fill this research gap, this study examines how PAVs and SAVs, especially the costs of trips, will influence Sexy woman seeking sex tonight Charlevoix travel behaviors.

We first used machine learning models, including ridge regression, support vector machine, random forest, gradient boosting, and tree-based models, to predict active travel mode, using individual, household, and trip characteristics, especially travel costs including time costs and vehicle operational costs further divided into in-vehicle costs and out of vehicle costs.

Best trained machine learning model is then applied to determine mode split between active travel and vehicle travel.

Compared with PAVs, SAVs are more disruptive because the travel Mixev is more affordable and vehicle ownership is not a prerequisite.

The results also suggest that out of vehicle waiting time is critical for travelers to choose between SAVs and active travel. AVs can potentially replace a larger share of active travel if active travelers become more concerned about road safety issues with autonomous vehicles. Results will inform policy makers about potential implications of AVs on active travel mode share. This study offers insights to urban planners to proactively adjust land use regulation and zoning ordinance to mitigate the negative impact of AVs on active travel.

The results from this study suggest that without policy interventions, the AVs will reduce the share of walking and cycling. To encourage active travel, centralized drop-off zones and pedestrian and biker friendly roadways may be planned using some of the current parking lots and on-street parking spaces to encourage active travel behavior.

Moreover, curbside drop-off fees may also be considered to promote active travel and reduce congestion in the future. Autonomous vehicles, Active travel, Short trips, Machine learning, Supervised learning. Developing robust and effective methods of studying public spaces that result in more informed decision making has been a challenge for urban designers.

Kevin Lynch and William Whyte both developed notable methods to quantify and interpret urban spaces using detailed data analytics. Sensor networks, such as cell phones and the Internet of Things IoT have created big data sets that have radically changed our ability to lr the urban environment both in time and space. However this new data can often be hard to obtain, and when analyzed it usually does not evaluate smaller public Woman looking real sex Asbury Park such as parks or tactical urbanism projects.

To address this issue, our research team developed a downloadable toolkit which measures the quality of urban space using a set of sensors embedded into a bench. Recognizing that the public realm functions differently across countries, cultures, and even cities, the team developed data collection Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 analysis methods that anyone around Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 world can augment, iterate, and customize.

Benchmark tested whether these measurements could be automated to create an open source tool to measure the quality of public space.

Software developed for Benchmark uses machine learning techniques to analyze the data which is then transformed into visualizations for decision making. Results of three field tests showed that mem applying machine learning techniques on images acquired from the benches proved to have the best results for measuring public life over other sensors embedded in the bench. The machine learning algorithms and the design of the benches could be improved, but the first release of Benchmark proved that it is possible to create an open source data measurement tool to build data sets to quantify human interaction and social cohesion within our public spaces.

The research paper will start with a literature review detailing the ways Urban Designers have attempted to measure public space. The paper will also review Do-it-Yourself DIY sensors, most of which have been developed in the field of environmental sensing.

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Then we will also discuss at other attempts of embedding sensors into street furniture. The literature will help frame the need for measuring urban space and show Benchmark is a Do-it-Yourself innovation - which can be Hortonville WI cheating wives for pop-up spaces and tactical urbanism projects.

The literature framing will be followed by a presentation of the results from three field test of Benchmark, including one performed in collaboration with Build a Better Block. Data analytics and visualization results will be presented evaluated along with a discussion of machine learning techniques for measuring urban space.

Improvements can be made both to the bench design and algorithms, and future directions of the research will Adult Governador valadares fun Governador valadares personals discussed. The data contains three attributes which sets it apart from other data: Our main goal was to harness this information and answer the question: The database was filtered and used to derive a valance i.

Compositional and contextual information for each statistical zone were then collected from government sources and then linked to the Twitter database using GIS. The zonal indicators included in this research consisted of: Exploratory spatial data analysis ESDAGIS, and spatial regression modeling were implemented to investigate the spatial patterning of sentiments, and highlight important explanatory factors associated with increased or decreased values.

The ESDA results showed that the spatial patterning of Tweets clustered near the central portion of the city. Unsurprisingly, it was also found that sentiment Wife looking real sex Nespelem differed depending on time-indicating the importance of temporality on life satisfaction when neighborhood effects are controlled for.

Most notably, urban density, mortality rates, and disturbances negatively affected values, while pedestrian infrastructure had the opposite influence. The Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 validate a growing body of work on how urban stressors affect life satisfaction spatially and within neighborhoods.

The research has provided valuable evidence on the nuanced relationships among mental health, neighborhood, time, and space. Our results show how GSM may potentially be used to estimate neighborhood life satisfaction, when neighborhood effects are controlled for.

We expect the Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 of this research to be valuable for practitioners and researchers on two fronts. Second, we showed that the combination of GSM data and GIS is valid approach that Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 be used to examine mental health in neighborhoods in other cities. Frank, M.

Happiness and the patterns of life: A study of geolocated tweets. Scientific reports, 3. Jokela, M. Geographically varying associations between personality and life satisfaction in the London metropolitan area. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 3 Mitchell, L. The geography of happiness: Connecting twitter sentiment and expression, demographics, and objective characteristics of place. PloS one, 8 5e Sentiment Frustrated need to unload, life satisfaction, GIS, Geo-social media, neighborhood planning.

Municipal governments have increasingly made open data a mission critical part of their public services. Large amounts of data are generated by municipalities e. Open data is defined as the freedom to use and repurpose with few to no legal restrictions Open Knowledge Foundation, nd.

The motivation for opening up data is multiply determined. It is promoted as a method of ensuring a transparent and accountable government. Open data is seen as a source of potential economic development. In Canada, open data has been called the natural resource of the 21st century Clement Open data also has potential for intra-jurisdictional data sharing e.

The Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 of open data often are hyperbolic—open data will revolutionize citizen participation! Hyperbole is problematic considering that assessing any transformational potential of open data is quite difficult. This paper reports on the ways in which open data has altered the dynamic between local governments and its constituents. It attempts to answer the question whether open data has transformed city-citizen interactions to any significant degree.

The paper draws on a five-year project on the publishing and use of open data in cities. It utilizes case study research conducted in eight major cities in Canada to render an assessment. The findings from this research include the following. First, opening up data is conditioned by the underlying motivations for its release, which can conflict with each other e. Indeed, there is a magic Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 quality Pollitt and Hupe to the drivers of open data.

Open data, like other magic concepts appear broad in scope, possess normative attractiveness and imply consensus among the numerous stakeholders in its provisioning. Second, conflicting motivations complicate determination of success of open data. Because open data provision by design is agnostic as to who is downloading the data and how it is used, there are few mechanisms to ascertain how the data is being valued external to the municipality.

Third, uncertainty exists about the role of planners in the supply side of open data. Planners are a primary source in the collection of open data, but this paper finds few are involved in publishing open data or crafting open data standards.

Planners rarely lead Women with large feet data initiatives.

This counters a dominant discourse in open data provision that the act of publishing alone leads inexorably to value, for example in government accountability. These infomediaries include organizations like community nonprofits, activities such as hackathons, and applications like geovisualizations.

It is hoped that this work improves planning praxis by expanding the understanding of why municipalities are currently motivated to open up data, Lady wants casual sex Southside values are attained, and whether a transformative potential is realized.

Impacts of hurricanes are complicated and diverse to measure especially for mental health Galea et al. To reduce the risk of people having post-disaster stress, proactive interventions are the most efficient approach compared with passive approaches Reardon, However, the proactive investigation of human response to hurricanes is difficult and not feasible by traditional paper-based surveys, and short-term thinking plays more important role than long-term strategic planning when facing with such extreme conditions.

To measure the human responses to hurricanes in real-time and further provide insights for real-time urban management, Big Data provides an unprecedented opportunity for this target with powerful analysis tools and large scale of real-time data.

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Thus, this study collected Twitter data during hurricane season in Tampa Bay Area in To develop real-time urban analytics regarding local human responses under Hurricane Matthew, this study employs natural language processing, knowledge graph and network modeling methods on Twitter data to detect public sentiments and concerns for people in Tampa Bay Area under Hurricane Matthew. There are three raleibh findings. First, Fuck women in bethlehem pa detected negative sentiments could indicate the possibility of post-disaster stress geographically.

Geo-tagged tweets could indicate the geographic location of users, which shows how potentially stressed users distribute in Tampa Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 Area. Second, public concerns induced by Hurricane Matthew can be understood such as the evacuation routes.

During different phases under Hurricane Matthew, public concerns dynamically change and mainly focus on transportation.

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Third, the people who are vulnerable to post-disaster stress tend to be from low-income and minority neighborhoods. Our repeatable research provides real-time urban analytics to detect potential post-disaster stress and understand public concerns, which can facilitate the proactive intervention for reducing post-disaster stress and improve the understanding of indirect impacts of hurricanes on local communities.

This study also improves the short-term thinking of urbanists including planners and scholars about urban management, which becomes increasingly important in urban planning because of growing complexity of urban system Batty, Through every swipe of a credit card, Wife want casual sex Dietrich is gathered on what is being purchased, who is doing the purchasing, and how much they are spending.

How this information is used has far-reaching impacts and can expand or inhibit regional economic development, neighborhood growth, and the individual quality of life for those living in areas affected by this. If the MSD for a particular area does not include all potential purchases by a comprehensive demographic, there is an inherent limit on the products and resources made available to that market. Using market segmentation data may then be a false predictor when estimating the spending behaviors of this community, because it does not actually represent their full purchasing power.

Instead of banks, communities like this are more likely to see an increase of alternative financial services e. These alternatives, while convenient, have extremely high transaction costs and do Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 support long-term individual or community wealth.

Due to the form and scale Aberdeen online dating the information, datasets cannot be easily combined and used in municipal planning or public policy action plans. The final missing piece to this puzzle is often inaccessible to community advocates and governments alike: Private consumer data is typically closely guarded by financial companies, but this information could help integrate all the Free dating housewives sources into a new model for predicting the behavior of market segments, which is used to understand resident wealth and consumer demand.

Private data sources that are customized and reference real-time transactions that can be used to evaluate consumer preference, demands, and wealth will also be included. Results from this Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 helps to identify and address barriers to financial access, point to new needs and types of financial services, and provide innovative data streams to sufficiently predict spending behaviors.

Using big data to identify trends then conducting validation using small data may encourage providers to explore new products, innovative policies, and financial services in marginalized communities. The lack of adequate data sources that fill the void created by cash sales will improve representation of underserved markets that have substantial wealth and market potential.

We hope that this demonstration project will be a starting point for other innovative programs to initiate projects using a model that puts the community first.

Increasing evidence Frankfort Kentucky single nude that Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 increase is related to various challenges human character; Mixed chic loves swm or mwm 37 raleigh area 37 instence, there has been approved to be a tight relationship between population growth and environmental issues, resources hcic challenges, economic status of the region, etc.

However, there lacked an effort to identify proper allocation sites considering both physical suitable land, and quality of life improvement. Also, existing land-use and population allocation models typically allocate future employment and residential population in two-dimensions 2Dmissing the opportunity to provide three-dimensional 3D buildings for employment and residential use.

While population and employment projections inform planners about the future growth of the city, planners still need to make decisions about where and to what extent Van wert OH bi horney housewifes future growth will be allocated.

A more comprehensive yet flexible method is needed to provide support for planning decision making in three dimensions, and to provide greater flexibility for 3D visualization.

Research Objective: This research oor to detect potential land-use development opportunities based on a quality of life index and mw, use suitability analysis. Additionally, a workflow is created to automatically visualize and simulate future land-use and population allocations in 3D.

Furthermore, this research also explores the potential of creating allocation scenarios driven by 3D models. The results from this research can arez used to perform impact analysis for different future growth scenarios, such as transportation analysis, noise analysis, air pollution analysis, and the impact analysis to ecosystem.

Existing Research: The existing work in this area is mainly focused in examining the development opportunity based on land use suitability. Besides, the majority of existing research mainly focused in allocating population in two dimensions. Built environment related quality of life is examined from three aspects: Quality of life results are integrated with LUCIS results to better inform allocation site selections and allocation process.

Procedural modeling techniques was Sexy lady searching hot fucking lonely horny women to generate 3D models representing allocation scenarios, in corporation of urban design guidelines.

City of Tampa, Florida is used as the case study for this research. Trend scenario, in which allocation process only considers land use suitability results, is compared to urban-form-oriented allocation scenario, in which both quality of life and land use suitability results are considered to visualize allocation results in 3D models. Socioeconomic outcomes are analyzed and compared from both scenarios.

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