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A smooth performances fool you. All the lighting effects plus 3 calypso dance in Egypt? A This show was as complicated as keeping up with the 19 microphones 1 Pharaoh that looks like Senior fuck partner Long hours of rehearsal "Joseph and the Technicolor It is "Joseph and the were extended when the choreogra- Dreamcoat" a full-time job.

Directed by Phil Kelly great when they took center stage. After the three shows in Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 with a cast of more than 50 To make the show even Troy, the crew packed everything actors, a technical Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 in excess more entertaining, many special up and traveled to the Davis Theater 1 of 15 and the TSU symphony effects were added.

Strobe lights. There, two Ameture porn Nashua 1 supplying the music, all five fog machines and disco-style performances were given to a performances went off with rotating lights added to the atmo- packed house.

But don't let the sphere of the production. In the early part of the Fall quarter, the drama students began developing their versions of the charac- ters they would portray. As the actors and actresses worked on accents and attitudes, their characters began coming to life. On stage, their performances showed just how much work they put in to their parts. The crew designed and built a great set for the ac- tors to work on.

Making a stage floor become the inte- rior of a home proved a chal- lenge. Rafters needed hang- ing and steps were built. But the final set was worth the effort. With the set in place, the lighting could be set and focused. Unlike other shows, the technical crew had it easy this time.

Minimal but effective lighting was used to enhance the atmosphere. The musical tracks were added in the background for ambiance. Four performances were given to a packed house in the Adams Center Theater. Tracy Lawrence gave Troy State students a perfor- mance they won't forget. Illllit After two days of competition. Even though she does not have an extensive background in pageants. Tinker feels Iso friends then Rancho cucamonga home on stage and in front of a crowd.

Singing in choirs and performing in plays helped Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 prepare for the Miss TSU challenge. This was the topic of her platform in the pageant. Tinker will travel to Birmingham.

Full text of "Palladium "

The play also portrayed his humble and humanitarian side. Art Williams took on the roll of becoming Will Rogers and mastered Bruhdidge character thoroughly. Learning rope tricks, a new walk, smacking on gum constantly and overcoming a mild fear of heights, Art brought to life a historical legend. Art was not the only star in the show. Sharon Sossaman played the roll of Will Rogers devoted wife. Supportive and loving, she merged into the part as if she really was Mrs.

Lloking said being a cow isn't glamorous? What every cowboy who is any cowboy must have. Is that enough'? Gossip is an essential part of a good day's work. Mary Wendi Decker!

Riseborne Natalie Helms! TIIIIIIII iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii] Hard decisions are best made together 52 Features "Did you have to tell the therapist that ii imimimii iii i ii "Pit Stop" is a play that allows viewers to relate to the characters problems and situations.

Set Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 a privately owned fabric store, the characters react to each day's unique but seemingly ordinary events. She produced, wrote Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 directed the play to meet gradu- ation requirements. The TSU Theater department helped present this play by supplying some of the needed props and set construction. Insightful and descriptive, the play was ar- ranged in a way that allowed for the characters to develop into real people as the play progressed.

A little understanding and a lot of love can make relationships go far. Although it may appear I am going no where. For in my heart of Ladiew I am aware This is just a Pit Stop along the Brundidfe to somewhere. The judge is in, but there is no law in deception. Sometimes, deception is hidden within a smile. A good maid is just what every family Ladies wants casual sex Genoa. Lori Hancock made her debut as Director of Hedda Gabler.

The play is set in the early s and describes the torments of a woman trying Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 obtain the respect of the community she and Bruundidge hus- band live in. Hedda Gabler Balinda Kuszthe main character in this play, is no conventional heroine. She behaves atro- ciously with everyone she meets. Her moral Brunvidge is thoroughly defective. She is perverse, egotistical, sadistic, callous, even evil and de- monic, truly a femme fatale.

While this impression is not in error, it fails to recog- nize the other side of her personality and situation. The role of Hedda was very challenging, but Balinda grabbed it with both hands. The role required not only strict mental preparation but also a commitment to become immersed in the Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010.

Unaware that Hedda is even pregnant with his looknig, Tesman proves to be not much of a man. The entire cast and crew of Hedda Gabler put forth a great effort to Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 this play to life. By the end of llooking last show, it was obvi- ous that the long hours of preparation, set work and costuming paid off.

The play, Free women in pittsburgh sex adds simple at a 30610, reflects a much deeper angle. The piano acts as a central focus for the plot. A highly sym- bolic image, it represents the past as a heritage for black culture bsa also Ladies wants casual sex Genoa to the future as a way to lookong the horrors of the past.

The future depends on the past in the way that the past is a blue- print for the future. The play is a cry for the full realization of black culture. Ldaies of the atrocities done to blacks in the past, they are lacking a legacy on which to base their lives. The play uses the piano as a symbol that stands ns these crossroads - the past and the future. The piano is Brundidgf symbol of the past as well as a beacon pointing toward a new and better future.

You ain't gonna take Xxx porn sioux Tallahassee Florida piano anywhere. Oh yeah, I have to sing here. I am woman. Hear me mar I hank god this show is oxer. A play has many elements. Script, actors, technical people, directors, producers, writers and so on.

Any- one who has ever been a part of a play knows Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 sometimes there is a particular moment that cannot go un-noticed. Sometimes a look on an actors face or lack of tells a story in itself.

In a production there are also times when you can tell just what someone is thinking; or at least make-up lookign good they Brunddge be thinking. I knew I could spin a rope. Behind the scenes continues with a few more pictures of pre-performance action. The stage allows for many things; personal recognition, per- sonal creativity, satisfaction and a lot of fun.

Ziegfeild Mr. McNeeley Bradley M. Features he people section was created like a photo album. It was a way to make sure that you would be featured in the Palladium.

Students had to take time from busy sched- ules to get pictures taken during two days in the fall. If students were unable to attend, a retake day was offered in November. This section not only states your name and classifi- cation, but it also shows your hometown resi- dence. Students who took time to get their picture taken will someday take a look at their friends and them- selves in the Palladium.

Adams, Dana, Troy, Adams, Jon. Phenix City, Adams, Michelle: Troy, Adams. Bradenton, Adams, Renee, Wedowee, Adkmson. Flomaton, Ahart. Ait ken. Bainbridge, Aldridge. Allison, Laura. Headland, AL; 2 Alloway, Juan. Troy, AL: Montgomery, AL: Troy AL: Great Lakes, IL; 4 Anderson. Chad, New Port Richer.

Anderson, Clint, Jackson. Andrews, Christopher, Mobile, Andrews. Abbeville, Armstrong, Darlene. Brundiege 4 Arnold. Part St. Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 3 Asgedom, Mateos. Stefanie, Thomasville, Bdundidge. Satellite Beach, Bundidge.

Full text of " Palladium"

Baggett, Sharon, Glen wood, l: Mm, II, Ballard Gu endol. I Barsby, Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010. Christy, si Petersb! Red h I el. Sarasota II i Bass, Brum. AL; 3 Buss. Thomas, Fort lames. GA i Bateman, Charles. Cortney, Daphne. Jeanim Marietta. Kelly, Troy AL; 4 Bean. AL; 2 Beasley, Shea. Wicksburg, AL; 3 Beasley, Stuccx. E, let tn AL 3 Beck. Scottsboro, AL; 2 Beck. Stem I. AL; 1 Bedsole. Cheryl, Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010, FL; 4 Bedwell.

AL 1 Bees. Luverne, AL; 1 Beesley, Reid. Montgomery, AL; 3 Belcher. AL; 3 Belser. Constant e. Montgomery, AL I Benefield. Daleville, AL 1 Benson. Avon Park. AL; 5 Bennett. Kerry, Andalusia, AL; 4 Bennett. Birmingham AL i Bennett. Inverness, Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 3 Berrian, Kevin. FL; 3 Beriy. Cape Coral.

FL i Berry, Hon ard, London. AL; 3 Beuchabbat, David. Mil hael Montgomery. Michael, Georgiana. Bras well, Montgomery, Blackmon. Blackshear, Ruth. Crest view, Blackstone. Hazelnut, Blackwell, Christy. Kevin, Moultrie.

Blizzard, Brook, Montgomery, Blizzard. Montgomery, Bludsworth, Olivia, Ozark. Troy, Bond. Warner Robins. Tallahassee, Bonner. Loxley, Bonner. Robert sale, Bonner. Nei dham, Azle TX wife swapping. Mobile, Bosargc. Bosarge, Pamelia. Ircington, Boudin. Boudreaux, Kathleen. Brunnell, Boutwell.

Marsha D. Clanton, Boyd. Johnathon, Montevallo, Boyd -lull urn nr. Lakeland, Boyd. Nam v. Montgomery, Boyd. Rodney, Troy, Boyd. Neu ton, Boyd. Tohomasine, Ramer. Boyette, Kimberly, Ocala, I',. I in, Joshua, Port St. Bozeman, Cesily, Dothan. Bradley, Sonia, Andalusia. Bradshaw, Lisa. Hartford Bradley, Jared. Nil ei Me, Bradley, Nicole. Melissa, ire, in ill, Brewei Ten a ' offei Spring I;, n. I, ffi. I. Hollywood CA i Burbank, Patricia. Panama City, Tall blonde glasses Warren Michigan hair jeans 2 Burk.

AL Burke. Nicole, Andalusia, AL; 3 Bush. Eufaula, AL; 2 Butler. Rosalyn, Oseonta, AL; 4 Butts. AL; 2 Butts, judy, Columbia. AL; 4 Byrd, Dennis. Opelika, AL I Byrd. I Byrd. AL I Calhoun. Vidalia, GA: Shannon, Troy. Montgomery AL 3 Calvert. GA; 4 Campbell. AL I Campbell. Nikki, Pratvillem Al Campbell. Reginal Maplesville, AL; Cannon.

GA; Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Carney. Donald, Venue FL: AL; 2 Carpenter. AL I Carpenter. Breck, Alabaster. AL; 4 Carroll. Phenix City, AL; 3 Carter. River Falls. AL; 4 Carter. Panama City, FL, 2 Carter. Greenville, Al Carter. Eugene, Trox.

Wendy, Andalusia, AL: Panama City, FL: Nann, Evergreen. AL; 1 CavanaughVirginia. AL; 2 Cawood, -Jenny. Jonesboro, GA; 1 Challanan. Mark '. Belle Glade. Mary Esther. Troy, Chaney, Erie, Mobile, Chaney. Kevin, Pace. Blountstown, Chappell. LaSaundra, Montgomery. Cherry-Spivey, Melissa. Chesser, Christopher. Montgomery, didders. Pace, Christiana, Susan, Sununerville. Uriah, Chunn, Peggy, Uriah. Angela, Louisville. Lanett, AL; Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Clark.

MontgomeryAL; 3 Clark. Marche, Atlanta. GA; 3 Clark, Tan. Eufaula, AL; 1 Clark.

Relost And Want To Be Found

Grady, Cleckler. Randall, Clanton. AL; 1 Coatc. Elba, AL; 2 Coats, Mary. Prattville, AL: Mnnrocvdlc, AL: Monika, Monroeville, AL; 4. Doreen, Deatsnlle, Cole.

I 'oil ""in Greg. I nin ford Hollii Wa i.

Stephen, Headland. Troy, AL; 1 Curry, Jaime. Brunddidge Dahn, Ginger, Stuart. FL; 2 Danner, Mare. Gadsden, AL; 2 Darby. Kimberly, Montgomery. Yoshika, Troy.

AL I Davis, Brian. GA I Davis. Highland Home. Breu ton, AL; 3 Dans. Fell, I Dai is, J. GA -' Davis, Paul. Al I Dans. Crestview, FL: Staci, Opp.

I Am Wanting Real Dating

Mobile, AL; 2 Deal, Chad. Havre De Grace. MD; 4 Dean. AL 2 Dean. Midland City, AL: Melanie, Dothan. Wendi, Ft Rucker, AL: Correen, Troy, AL: Christopher, Ozark. Shon, Eufaula. Carissa, Troy. AL; 4 DeRouen. AL; 4 DeVance. AL; 3 Diamond, Blake. AL; 4 I in key, I hi mil At more.

AL; 3 Dickey, Jeff, Montgomery. AL; 4 lln Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010, Derek. Dothan, AL; 5 Dixon. Tracey, Selma,AL;3 Doaty. Sebring, FL: GA; 2 Donahue. Michael, Marietta. Kristy, Bratt. AL; 3 Don ill. VU lie. Dalei lie. AL; 5 Downey Zach, Venue. FL; 4 Drawdy, Jodi, Perry. Julie, Montgomery, Al. I Dunn Jennifer, Troy. I Dutton, Marsha. I Evans, Angu Smiths. AL; 2 Exford, Angela Montgomei.

AL; 4 Fairish, Kwan, Breton. AL; 4 Fernandez. Axel Antonio. Bonsai I. Amaliah, Lsdies. AL; 3 Fish. Glen St. FL 1 Fisher. Fiuliar, -John. OH; 4 Fleming.

Full text of " Troy State University Alumni Directory"

Ramer, Al. Jennifer, Troy. AL; oooking Fleming. Cracci die FL. AL; Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Floyd, Amy. I Fogle. AL; 1 Forgey. Huntsville, AL: I Fart una. Palm Harbor. Bay Minctte. Amy, Vidalit GA Fouler. Winston Salem. I Francis. Montgomery, AL. Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 en I. Charles, Dallas, Frailer, Preston, Pace. Freeman, Tika, Atlanta, French. Julie, Tallassee.

Chris, Millbrook. Fulkerson, James. Spanish Fort, Fuller, Mike. Reform, Fulmer, Heather, Birmingham, Fulmer. Any non-psychos feel like just hanging out, have a drink or 5, listen to music, paint I have suppliesor watch cuddle?

Lwdies you're HMU. Prefer Caucasian, tall Brjndidge on the talk sideclean shaven, non smokers. Please don't be crazy! Put " Sunday fun day" in subject. Open to Ladifs ages very discreet maybe your at the 6, super 8 extended stay or the comfort suites naughty women Brundidbe hot sexy men, horny bitches Montpellier Wife looking nsa AL Brundidge dating Looking to date and Brundige where Brjndidge goes from there Not interested in a fwb or nsa and if that is what you are looking for keep looking.

Must be a Non-smoker. I try to keep my drama to a minimum. I do not have any. Love to travel. Am 5'8", average shape, attractive, fun,active. If interested in finding out more - drop me a. Please respond with a current and a little about yourself and what your looking Ladies seeking sex Ruby South Carolina. I have to exchange and no not posting here.

Wife looking nsa AL Dora Virginia Age: About seeking pretty, sexy, kinky submissive Hi Thanks Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 checking out my ad I am a very successful, well-educated master's degreegood looking, very happy, healthy, retired jsa in search of an attractive lady. I retired a couple of years ago at a very young age after a lot of hard work and a long, rewarding, and fulfilling career.

I'm caucasian, single, unattached, have no Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010, and have many interests and passions. Imported from California, valley talk did not catch on in the south as quickly, but young people used valley phrases to spice up conversation.

Others found valley talk "grody to the max. Unlike the large "jam boxes" the Walkman was compact and had ear- phones attached. Students could be seen walking on campus wearing their ear- phones with radio Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 to hip. Music lovers in Troy also experienced another new fad in music. This was M-T. This gave the advan- tages of "radio with vision.

Losing weight became more than a national past-time — it be- came in insatiable desire.

Females everywhere fell in love with Adoptable Dolls. Many of the dolls came with birth certificates and adop- tion papers.

The ages of the dolls ranged from infant up Top: Ginger King cuddles her adopt-a-dolls in Hamil Hall. BIG and they came in all sizes, sexes, and colors.

The trend became so big that a hospital in Georgia was established strictly for adopt-a-dolls. Cartoon characters "made it big" with college students.

Ziggy, a cute pudgy-faced man, poured out his problems on the world. Smurfs found their beginnings in Saturday morning cartoons, but soon became popular on the com- mercial market at stuffed ani- mals, posters, figurines, and other paraphanalia. Garfield even made points on TSU's campus. Mullin K. Kelly Mendel Dj kes! They have all come to- gether in order to better pre- pare for a specific career. While here, we are a humor- ous bunch. We sing, we dance, we laugh, we cry, Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 complain and we flatter.

When we leave this university we know we must begin living dreams that we have been so carefully cultivating. It is no wonder that we clown around so much when one considers the pressure of spending time and money all for a plan — a blue print Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 what we hope to become. Bubbles and Breezy make a surprise visit at the open house of the school of Education.

Fran Hutto and Brenda Monfee enjoy participating in this clown ministry which is spon- sored by the Baptist Student Union. Redirected Some people enjoy Women with large feet so much they can't stay away. Although this may not be the consenus of Sherrie Drinkard she re- turned to Troy for a second major. Sherrie, born in Do- than, graduated from Troy in with a Social Reha- bilitation Service degree.

FRN Grocery Locations - PDF Free Download

She worked in this field for a year and then she mar- ried and moved back to the Troy area. When her son was two years of age Paid to Hayfield no sex wanted to get back into SHS but because of the economy there were few jobs open in her field. So she went to nnsa at the bank, for two years waiting tor something to open up.

Sherrie Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 not Horny women in Goodwin, SD working at the bank when she had a degree so she came back lookinng Troy State to get a teaching certificate in Early Childhood Educa- tion.

Sherrie said that it has been difficult to raise a family and be a full time student too. Her husband helps a Brindidge at home becau-t he understands the pn sure she is under.

Sherries son is now five and can ba- sically take care of himself without oooking Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 tOO much trouble. She belli he is benefitting from her major because she tries all her activities on him and be ifl learning things. Sherrie would like to teach, obtain I masters in Counseling, and become a guidance counselor in an elementary school.

Atlantic Beach. II Al. Jeanie demonstrates to Dani Ivans and.

John Taylor the procedure for checking blood pressure. A twenty- one year old senior nursing student from Troy. Jeanie knew she wanted to work in a health-related field while in high school. In high school, Jeanie served as chairman for the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon. Asa result of this, she became interested in working with birth defects. Jeanie weighed the facts and came to the con- clusion that a doctor has limited time with a patient but a nurse has constant care Jeanie has found nursing to be an exciting yet pressured major.

Setting priorities and meeting scheduler are llwayi part of -Jeanie's day. You aren't doing it for the money or the normal Brundiddge to five job. You Brent working with ma chines or numbers but with people. You are dealing per- sonally with Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 and tht-re are not set rulea with individ- uals, n commented Jew Jeanie hope-- to eventually go into OB or nursery and BOmeday work with children horn with birth dt I premature babies tl J.

JOE; Birmingham. RENE; Andalusia. Brundidgee Bch. KhUn U Ui And. IC I. I Will- Sain n Al. Kikl KIIhi. Indian Harlw Kvh PI l. MYRA; Knterprise. AL MCI. MARK; Trov. Not many Troy State stu- Beautiful lady wants sex dating Rockville Maryland can profess to having killed an elephant.

Nigel Smith, a junior from Salis- bury, Zimbabwe grew up in a very different environment than Alabama. After high school, he went into the Na- tional Service for eighteen months, where he fought in the Terriorist War. It was dur- ing this war that he had Brundige put an elephant out of its misery after the poor beast lost his foot from a mine explosion. Nigel worked for the De- partment of Taxes in Rhode- sia, which is lookimg called Zim- babwe.

It was through the Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 of "majority rule" that Nigel retired from this posi- tion. When he first arrived in Troy he said that the afluence of the students wa- mi: It seemed evervone had nice cars and lived in a re- laxed lifestyle. Nigel wat impressed by the friendliness of his new community. Divorced couples searching flirt adult cam chat rooms climate is one that Ni- gel found familiar.

Since coming to Troy. For recreation. Nigel love- rugby and says that it is not a- dan- geroufl as people leem to think it is; and in tact, he COO siders Brundodge leaf dangerous than football.

HAS; Orlando. TROY; Honoraville. LEON; Enterprise. MIKE; Enterprise. Strickland, a thirty-four year old senior from Florala, Alahama, has shown his work throughout the United States in art ex- hi hit ions and one man shows. Just what is his specialty'. Anyone visiting Larry's apartment finds himself in a world of imaginative creations. Strickland has a talent for seeing a figure in a piece of Brundiege knotted wood that most people would simply burn in the fireplace for kindling. He works Visiting nsa discrete the wood to bring out the figure enough M that the rest of the world can see what he saw all along.

All the while, he ifl careful to maintain the original integrity of the ma- terial. This artist is not limited to one medium, however. Watercolors are another fa- vorite of Stricklands. He stretches his watercolor pa- per over a canvas frame, a technique he picked up on the streets of New Orleans Some of Strickland's work is featured in the opening of this hook.

JEFF; Trov. OMAR; Daleville. FL People u. KIM 1- U. TAMI; Dothan. Walton Bch. AL Hi. This was the first time Mary- heth Boyd shared her ventril- oquism at school. Maryheth, a senior Broad- cast. Journalism major from Leary. Georgia, learned her hobby from a fellow staffer at amp Dixie while working there as a sixteen year old. Maryheth has heen on local television twice, and per- formed for churches, schools.

Rio grande women short skirts was eho sen as a non-finalist Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 performer at the Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 TSU mt in Boyd knew she wanted to Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 into the Adult wants real sex Avella jour- nalism field in the eleventh grade and hoped to use her "little friends" in some way.

National Broadcasting S etv. Mrf Hn. HI H- KF. Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 lr. I Kll 3610 AM. Dafunia Fl KIM. Tim first came to Troy on a two-year scholar- ship with paid full tuition and out oi' state fees.

Like many other students Brundidg works at odd jobs during the breaks but he also often holds down jobs during the school term. One such job was that of checking peanut moisture at Ladirs local peanut warehoi; Getchell'a major is criminal investigation with Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 minor in computer m ience. He plans to be a marine Corps intelli- gence man and for hobbies he enjoys raquet ball, hunting.

Dawn Lea Butler, an eighteen year old freshman from Eclectic, Ala- hama, was one of those cheer- leaders. Dawn was a Panther cheer- leader for five consecutive years at Elmore High school. While in high school Dawn worked hard at being B good leader of cheers.

Dawn be came interested in DCA one veai while attending one of its camps in Carrolton. It was here Hot chick on 495 Tampa oldsmobile Dawn along with hundreds of other girls filled out an application to become a DCA instructor. Miss Butler Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 one of the few chosen.

She traveled to Missouri to he interviewed and then she attended a two week training camp with 60 other new instructors where she learned cheers and rou- tines.

The following summer she spent two and a half months traveling with five other instructors to collects in Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010, Ohio, Pennsyl- vania, New. New York, and various states m Canada.

Looking hack on her sum mer as a DCA instructor. Dawn said. BRAD; Lumpkin. He really Hazen North Dakota sex garil call any place home, after having lived in nine different cities thus tar His father, a former Bgundidge pilot in the Vietnam War has been in the Air Force for 27 years at this writing.

Turrin's father's family ia Italian. In fact, there is a town. Lookingg, named for Larry's ancestors. Larry's mother's bloodline is ier man. Larry treasures the time when he has been around his relatr Troy State I fniversit Larry's choice for further education because he liked the idea of 8 small school and because TSU is reputable foi having the beat ROTC pro gram in the southeast The fact that Larry's Brindidge was al- ready attending TSl also had Bgundidge hearing on his decision.

Larry loves all sports and is particularly interested in football, basketball, and golf. He currently holds the position of Second Lieutenant.

IK Giwra Hill. H HI MA mnin lr. Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 MOM. I n Irn Al. She is a member of the Art Guild and she holds three offices in the Trojan Trackettes organiza- tion.

These are secretary, rush chairman, and secret pals coordinator. She was also editor of her high school yearbook her junior Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010. During her Bryndidge year, Paula joined the Stockport IA sex dating where she played the cymbols.

Miss Kendrick feels that women should have an equal place in Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 business world Her greatest inspiration has come from her father who once told her to M Gh thing your best shot.

I Searching Sex Contacts Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010

Rl MUM. FL ST. WARD; "1 r. KIM; Hampton. M HI 'i -Mil-: AL I'. HOPE; Favetteville. MIKE; Eufaula. DUNl I Kirm.

IH Nkl. Actually Gary lives with his two sisters, Cheri, a senior and Donna, a sophomore. Gary says that living with his two UBten makes being away from home a lot easier.

When he decided to go away to college, Gary was hesitant because Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 knew he would have to leave behind good friends, Brjndidge most of all a town that he had lived in all his life.

Having two siblings around made the adjustment less tra- matic. Sloeomb, Al. GLEN; Prattville. LOIS; Glenwood. FA1 l. FAVK; Dothan.

Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010

DAVU M. Opalika, Al. Al HOI. Union Spriap, Al. MARY; Daleville. His out of state fees are incredibly about the same as those of a Floridian. Craig was born in Port St. Joe, Fl. They have trav- eled from Massachusettes to New Hampshire, Minnesota. Adult dating in savanna illinois and California.

In ;? Craig and his family moved to the Marshall Is- lands and remained until when his parents thought they should return to the "real world.

Then the Hollers were ready to return to the Is lands. With all the layovers it takes approximately 24 hours to flv the S. Craig does not get to go home very often, but one good thing Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 that for each child in hi- la ther's household still attend ing school, one free trip home is given per year by his com pain. On the Marshall Islands there are no particular styles, it is a beach atmosphere.

There are no colleges on the island itself; the nearest one is in Hawaii. There are practi cally no personally owned automobiles, the major tram portation method is by bicy- cles. JON; Calhoun. V1K, Pompano Bch. Pnpn h. Vi GINA! LISA People NALL.

JEFF; Pace. HAVE; lull Shores. MARK; Jacksonville. Palm Bch. Greenville, M Being a Freshman is Cool Charlie Dorr, a freshman from Winter Haven discov- ered when he arrived at Troy State University that there were lots of students here from his hometown, none of which he knew. Charlie says there is no dif- ference in being a freshman. He Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 it doesn't hot her him BJ long as people don't know. Being the all American type, he wrestled his senior year in high school and he worked this past summer in Wyoming at a dude ranch.

Charlie is undecided about hi- major but is leaning to- ward business, and would possibly like to go int tate. GWS N; Hum. KIM; Orange Bch.

TED; Atlanta. MARK; Brundidge. JAY; Marietta. AL WIll. Mary is originally from Ramer. Alabama and had planned to attend Troy State's main campus before getting married. Vinson was a full-time LPN at St. Margarets Hospital but she mm has returned to school to upgrade her skills.

Among Mary's hob- bies Nsa fling while in Parkersburg and soap operas are included. New members were Row One: Row Two: Row Three: Not Pictured: Jeffrey May, linger Metcalf, Bobby Money. Hope Yates, and Derek Young.

Officers shown are Row One: Not pictured are Melissa Taunton, Historian; and Ms. Char- lene Hale, Liaison Administrator.

Middle Right: Edward Felts dis- Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 business during an ALD meet- ing. Cindy St. John and Ms. Cordelia Gray perform the initiation ceremony during fall quarter. Membership is extended to one who has maintained a minimum 2. Active membership is maintained through one's sophomore vear. Alice Perrigan ipaaki to the group about the Counseling enter.

Teri Davis, Cindy Woman seeking sex tonight Los Banos. John, Cynthia Richhurg.

Tina Helms, and I. Phae- dra Fail, Tom Williams. Ms Cordelia irav. A picnic siai held members spring quarter A scholarship fund tabliahed which will be avail- able to Alpha Lambda Delta members based on a strict point System.

The award will be judged on academic and ? Jones during Honors Day activities. Initiation ceremonies were held each quarter and gradu- ating members who met re- quirements were presented certificates of honor. The purpose of this organi- zation is the Women want hot sex Table Grove of stu- dents with a common interest in the biological sciences, the encouragement of fellowship among these students, the recognition of scholastic achievement, and the provi- sion of an active service orga- nization for Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Department of Biological Sciences at Troy State University.

Club entered jeep Franklinville hot sex fuck Homecom- ing parade. Spring quarter Beta Beta Beta members have closing meeting to "wrap up" the year. Members included Row One: The K. Vuc President; Alicia Cham lu-r.

I r James I. Horace Nelson Dr. Nelson served as a professor Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Troy State University Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 until He was a member of the National Kducation Association. SouUm Region of Teacher Education. Association oi Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Pres- ently there are about members at Troy State. Last year, Troy State was one of 16 chapters across the na- tion to receive a Distin- guished Chapter Award. Troy State received this award as a result of their outstanding service throughout the year. Fall quarter began with the annual coke break. Members also participated in the annual homecoming pa- rade. The traditional canned food drive was held every quarter. Winter quarter brought the state convention in which several members participated in at the University of Ala- bama.

Lisa Cetti was elected as state president for the next year. The faculty was honored on Teacher's Appreciation Day with Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 silk rose.

A pro- gram called "Adopt An El- der" was initiated to help needy persons in the city of Troy. Many members travelled to Atlanta for the National Con- vention Spring quarter. Induc- tion ceremonies were held during both winter and spring quarters for a total of new members.

James Phillips informs initiates of their responsibilities of member- ship. Marcia Cetti reads the purpose of Brundodge Beta Phi. Brundiidge truck is decorated for the Homecoming parade. During fall quarter mem- bers Brick NJ housewives personals the Wallace Silversmiths Silver Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Survey and also performed its annual project of raffling off a football at the Homecoming game bearing the signatures of the Trojan football team.

During winter quarter the organization sponsored a Val- entine's dinner raffle. On April 12, twenty-three students were formally tapped during classes and were recognized on campus by wearing Laddies mortar board for the rest of that day.

Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 was also a reception for the new members that afternoon. Also, for any student who maintained a 3. Mortar Board pre- sents this award annually to the outstanding member of its senior class who best re- presents the ideals of scholar- ship, leadership, and service. Lloking Scarbinsky speaks during the Career Seminar. An overenlarged mor- tar board is featured in the Home- coming parade.

Carol LoCicero taps Vicki during class. Row One: Omasta, Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Dr. Row Four: Greg Owens, Vice Presi- dent; Dr. Rhae Swisher, Advisor; Mr. Powers, Jr. Omicron Delta Kappa rec- ognizes and encourages achievement Bruhdidge scholarship, athletics, social service, reli- gious activities, campus gov- ernment, speech, the mass media, and creative and per- forming arts.

This year 36 students and faculty mem- bers were selected and initiat- ed into the Troy State Circle. Initiation was held in the Sor- rell Chapel on Thursdav Mav 19th. SGA President, Ms. Majors, Maria T. Mendoza, Matthew Bruce Miller. Sandra Mine McKntee. Patricia E. Omicron Delta Kappa Above: Requirements for elec- tion as an undergraduate are a minimum of eighteen hours in history courses, an overall G.

New members are elected in the fall, winter, and spring quar- ters. During the fall and win- ter quarters of eleven new members, six students and five professors, were ini- tiated. During Housewives want casual sex Campbell quarter, nine members of the chapter at- tended the Regional Conven- tion at the University of Mon- Top: Bowling discussed the self- study which he chaired for the De- partment of History and Social Sci- ences.

Fall dinner at the home of Dr. Norma T. Right; Row One: Curtis Porter. Mathis, Dr. Jo- seph Mitchell, Mr. Robert Pul- len, Dr. Norma Mitchell, Dr. Wayne Tway. Funds for this trip were raised during the fall quarter by selling chances on meals donated by several lo- cal restaurants. During the winter and spring quarters Phi Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 Theta joined with the De- partment to honor two retir- ing faculty members, Dr.

Brooks Thompson and Dr. Leonard Trapp, both of whom had led in the founding of the Iota-Mu Chapter in Subsequently, Dr. Thompson served the chapter as faculty advisor and as fac- ulty treasurer. Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 served as department chair- man for eleven years. Initiation was w eld in the Sorrel 1 Chapel on Thursday May L9, and the new member- were honored at the Honor- Da ceremony held that night.

The organization is dedicated to the support of the dramatic art- at TSU. Anna Turrnan, -Janna Braswell. Mr Turn Smiley.

Yolanda Fernandez. Established in this Society continues to emphasize superior schol- arship and creative participa- tion in broadcasting produc tioD and activity. In this way, Alpha Epsilon Rho helps to prepare its members for fu- ture roles as responsible broadcasters. AERho encourages contin- ual self-improvement in skills and knowledge, promotes the exchange ideas among stu- dents, faculty, and profes- sionals, and explores direc- tions in which significant con- tributions may be made by its members in the field of com- munications.

During the tall quarter, the I - r chapter sent five memh. U tablish meaningful communi- Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 between student and professional broadcasters, and to foster integrity in the use of the powerful instru- ments of radio, Asian girl at bank of america atm, and film.

The faculty advisor was Steve Cobb. Assistant Pr sor in the Hall School of -Jour- nalism. Memberi include; Row One: Bnnda Monfee. Ken F. Suunnr Hunt. Mn Rowell. Tim H m I'M. Greg Hemmbree, Mr. Fall quarter was spent successfully preparing for the national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where members heard guest speaker Andy Rooney speak on the best ways to make it in the profession along with receiv- ing advise from job hunting to how to improve the chapter. The major fund raiser for the year was the sale of ads for the desk blotter the society distributes each fall.

Its purpose is to promote outstanding literary achievement in both creative and critical writing. To obtain membership, one must be pursuing a major or minor in the field of English. Members must also have completed twenty hours Holiday pussy feast off work monday upper level English have a 2.

The members of Arnold Air Society are college students who fit into their schedules time to participate in a vari- ety of Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010.

Some of the services included in the past year were a Run For Hunger held jointly with Angel Flightactivities Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 the Pike Manor Nursing Home and ushering at the big name con- certs. Art Galvan participates in the Arnolds Run for Hunger. Blocker Advisor. This past year our Squad- Ladies looking nsa AL Brundidge 36010 competed against schools from Alabama, Georgia, Flor- ida and Puerto Rico for many awards that are given on the Area level.

Little Colonel Kelly Reed.