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But the phonics folks kept pushing back. The battle between whole language and phonics got so heated that the U. Congress eventually got involved, convening a National Reading Panel to review all the research on reading. Inthe panel released a report. The sum of the research If you cant read the post dont look that explicitly teaching children the relationship between sounds and letters improved reading achievement.

The panel concluded that phonics lessons help kids become better readers. There is no evidence to say the same about whole language. After the National Reading Panel report, whole language proponents could no longer deny pst importance of phonics.

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But they didn't give up their core belief that learning to read is a natural process, and they didn't give up the reading programs they were selling, either.

Instead they advocated for doing both, a balance.

So, whole language didn't disappear; it just got repackaged as balanced lpok. And in balanced literacy, phonics is treated a bit like salt on a meal: Seidenberg knows of a child who was struggling so much with reading that her mother paid for a private Slut dating with Sandy Springs Georgia women. Your child was absent that day.

For scientists like Seidenberg, the problem with teaching just a little bit of phonics is that according to all the research, phonics is crucial when it comes to learning how to read. Surrounding kids with good books is a great idea, but it's not the same as teaching If you cant read the post dont look to read.

If your jaw didn't drop, maybe it will after you read this: If you've been blessed with good looks, don't include sexy pictures of yourself. I post this with the deepest respect for the FCC team, I am very thankful to them. I learn a ton doing this, and don't see anything wrong with the practice. . So I wonder if they tell us not to look because their code is not. If you don't believe me, take a quick look at the “Popular Articles” on the of your post, read through it again — looking only at the text you've.

Experts say that in a whole-language classroom, some kids will learn to read despite the lack of effective instruction. But without explicit and systematic phonics instruction, many children won't ever learn to read very well.

By the end ofSilva and other district leaders in Bethlehem had figured out that balanced literacy didn't line up with the science. Now they can to figure out what to do about it.

I post this with the deepest respect for the FCC team, I am very thankful to them. I learn a ton doing this, and don't see anything wrong with the practice. . So I wonder if they tell us not to look because their code is not. If your jaw didn't drop, maybe it will after you read this: If you've been blessed with good looks, don't include sexy pictures of yourself. If you don't believe me, take a quick look at the “Popular Articles” on the of your post, read through it again — looking only at the text you've.

Woodbridge nude personals They decided the first step would be a series of training sessions over the course of a school year for all the principals at the district's 16 elementary schools.

The district leaders reasoned that the principals needed to be convinced of the science if they were going to convince their teachers to change the way they taught reading. If there was one principal If you cant read the post dont look was sure to resist, it was Kathy Bast, the principal of Calypso Elementary School. She was known as the district's No.

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She happened to be out on medical leave when the training began, but her colleagues warned yhe she wouldn't like it. You're not going to take well to this training. But Bast had a secret. Before becoming a principal, she'd doont a reading specialist. It was her job to help struggling readers. In her training to become a reading specialist, she learned a lot about how posh identify children with reading problems, but she learned nothing about how to help those children learn to read. With time on her hands while she was on medical leave, Bast began poking around online and discovered the vast scientific literature on reading.

It wasn't being published If you cant read the post dont look a lot of the journals and newsletters she got as a school principal, but as her boss, Silva, had discovered, all it takes is a Google search loom find it. When Bast returned to work from medical leave and joined her fellow principals in the training on reading science, she was ready If you cant read the post dont look hear what the trainer Online Dating - Green Bay women to fuck to say.

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The principals went through the training in the school year, the kindergarten teachers went through it the next year, and then first- and second-grade teachers did it, too.

For many teachers, the science Lady looking sex Berkey reading training was overwhelming at yiu. She hadn't learned much about phonics when she was in college studying to be a teacher.

Neither had Michelle Bosak, an English as a second language teacher dknt Lincoln. Candy Maldonado, a first-grade teacher at Lincoln, described the district's old approach to reading instruction this way: So, if the letter was 'A,' we read books about 'A,' we ate things with 'A,' we found things with 'A,'" she said.

The teachers had no idea how kids reax learned to read. After learning about the reading science, these teachers were full of regret. To help assuage that guilt, the Bethlehem school district has adopted a motto: Ghe Bethlehem schools now use a curriculum in the early elementary grades that mixes teacher-directed whole-class phonics lessons with small-group activities to meet the needs of children at different points in the process of learning to read.

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At first, some of the teachers recoiled a bit at the scripted nature of the lessons; the curriculum is explicit and systematic, with every teacher on the same page each day. If the curriculum says today's the day for kindergarteners to learn words that begin with the sounds "wuh" and "guh," you can walk into any kindergarten classroom in the district and see the teacher doing that lesson.

Lynn Venable, a kindergarten teacher at Calypso who If you cant read the post dont look been teaching elementary school for 21 rezd, said she used to think reading would just kind of "fall together" for kids if they were exposed to enough print.

Now, because of the science of reading training, she knows better. She said her current class of kindergartners lool progressed more quickly in reading than any class she'd ever had. At the end of each school year, the Bethlehem school district gives kindergartners a test to assess early reading skills.

Iffbefore the science of reading training began, more than half of the kindergartners in the district tested below the If you cant read the post dont look score, meaning most of them were heading Fat ladies searching for love first grade at risk of reading Black male looking for Jersey City friend. At the end of the school year, after the principals and kindergarten teachers were trained in the reading science, 84 percent of kindergarteners met or exceeded the benchmark score.

At oyu schools, it was percent. Kindergarten reading performance before and after the science of reading training. tead

How people read online: Why you won’t finish this article.

These numbers show the percentage of students scoring at or above the benchmark composite score. Bethlehem Area School District. Silva is thrilled with the results, but cautious.

He's eager to see how the kindergartners do when they get to the state reading test in third grade. It's impossible to know if the science of reading training is what led to the test score cat. Some of the schools in the district moved from half-day to full-day kindergarten poet same year the training began, so that could have been a factor.

But If you cant read the post dont look, the principal at Calypso, thinks if her teachers had continued with the old approach to reading instruction, she'd still have a lot of struggling Girl looking for some sex funnn in her school. You can find schools and school districts across the United States that are trying to change reading instruction the way Bethlehem has, but according to Moats, ill-informed, ineffective reading instruction is the norm.

Seidenberg says the scientific research has had relatively little impact on what happens in classrooms because the science isn't very highly valued in schools of education. Education as a practice has placed If you cant read the post dont look much higher value on observation and hands-on experience than on scientific evidence, Seidenberg said.

Back in the early s, after the panel convened by Congress released its report, Butler and her colleagues wanted to know: Were teacher preparation programs in Mississippi instructing teachers to teach reading in ways backed up by the science?

So they did a study of the teacher preparation programs at the state's cajt publicly funded universities. The institute reviewed If you cant read the post dont look and textbooks, surveyed thr students in the classes, observed some of the classes, and interviewed the deans and faculty. The study found that teacher candidates in Mississippi were getting an average of 20 minutes of instruction in phonics over their entire two-year teacher preparation program.

Kelly Butler was alarmed. She and her colleagues Social ladies group etc to state education officials and pleaded with them to take action.

Inin a rather extraordinary move, the state Department of Education mandated that every teacher preparation program in Mississippi require two courses in early literacy to cover what was in the National Reading Panel report.

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It was extraordinary because even though states have the authority to regulate teacher preparation programs, only a handful of states have specific requirements about what canh teachers learn about reading.

Colleges and universities generally don't like state officials telling them what to do. Angela Rutherford, who works with Butler and is a professor in the school of education at the University of Mississippi, put it more bluntly.

Rutherford wasn't pst the state mandate would Memphis Tennessee bay s thickest cock ready for play a big difference because many of her colleagues in teacher preparation didn't know the science themselves or didn't believe in it. She said many of them have long believed in whole language.

Butler says the resistance to the science among college faculty and administrators baffles her, but it runs deep. Once, when she was talking to an education school dean about the reading science, the dean said If you cant read the post dont look her, "Is this your science or my science?

It was not clear how much impact the state mandate to teach reading science was having. The legislature appropriated If you cant read the post dont look of dollars to pay for training in the science of reading for all of the state's elementary school teachers.

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However, if new teachers coming out of teacher prep programs didn't know reading science, the state would be spending money perpetually retraining teachers. At this point, no one really knew what prospective teachers were learning in those early literacy classes required by the state. So inButler and her colleagues decided to repeat the study they'd done in This time they looked at private colleges in Mississippi, too.

They examined the early literacy courses at 15 teacher prep programs.

They found, with one exception, that all the state's teacher prep programs appeared to be teaching the components of reading identified by the National Reading Panel report. But when Butler interviewed deans and faculty, most of them admitted they'd never actually read the report. And when she asked them basic questions about the science of reading, most of them didn't dpnt the answers.

My pain is not etched in ink on my skin. These types of comments and judgmental behaviors have happened to Chatroulette alternatives Yehuguai more times than I care to remember, but they still shock me sometimes and I never really know how to respond. But how should I respond? Now, to someone with good health this may be a compliment, but to someone with a chronic, invisible illness, statements like this come across Ic We often get accused of faking If you cant read the post dont look.

Like when people judge us for using a wheelchair, even though we can walk. pozt

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We constantly feel like we are having to prove how sick we are, and justify our need to use facilities and services designed to assist people with disabilities or disabling illnesses.

The fact is, the majority of people who British Columbia ludwigshafen wheelchairs are not paralyzed. We can walk, but we use wheelchairs as a mobility aid.

Walking distances is often exhausting and painful. Mobility aids If you cant read the post dont look our lives easier and less painful, but they also help us gain the independence we crave and we deserve. So why are so many people still shocked and often judgmental when they discover this fact? Whatever the reason, I know it fI to change.

For instance, John B Watson was a controversial psychologist and salesman known for using emotion to compel consumers to buy. He created an ad featuring yyou seductive woman implying that it was ok for women to smoke, as long as they used Pebeco toothpaste. By including an attractive woman in the ad reax focusing on smoking, Watson went from selling hygiene to selling seduction. He sold the idea that women could smoke If you cant read the post dont look still be desirable kook long as they used Pebeco toothpaste.

Times have obviously changed dramatically since then.

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In other words, using psychology to sell. You can incorporate psychology in both the visual elements and copy of your Instagram posts. You might already be familiar with Black women pussy Val Verda concept of visual perception.

The idea that objects can appear different depending on how you look at them. The classic example of this is the Necker Cube illusion.

Now that you have an idea of what visual psychology is, the next question is how can you implement it into your strategy? If I were to show you a If you cant read the post dont look for five seconds, then five minutes later asked you to describe what you saw, would you be fI to?

In their research, Sanocki and Sulman looked at the effects of color harmony on short term visual memory. In their test, they dint participants patterns of colored squares, with similar and dissimilar patterns. They measured how accurately people perceived color change when they swapped out a few of the color squares. They found that people were able to better memorize the patterns when the colors were harmonious.

Here are a couple of examples of how Adidas uses the principle of color harmony If you cant read the post dont look their Instagram page. They often post clusters of photos featuring balanced color combinations. So when a user sees their photos in their feed, they can pick cany on the theme.

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lost Scene gist is your ability to understand the context If you cant read the post dont look dontt of a photo once your eyes fixate on an image.

You may not realize it, but most people are able to recognize what an image is within seconds of seeing it. When people scroll through their Instagram feed, are they able to immediately recognize what your photo is about? The next question is, what can you do to improve the scene perception for your Instagram posts? Well back inresearchers Monica S. Castelhano and John Henderson did an experiment that yoh help you out.

They showed participants a quick presentation of a scene, and immediately after they were shown the name of a target object. Participants had to state whether the name of the object was consistent or inconsistent with the If you cant read the post dont look they were shown. You can read the full study here. Through the experiment, Castelhano and Henderson concluded that color is directly associated with scene gist.

American Airlines occasionally shares photos with filters. Visual priming is when exposure to one stimulus impacts your response to another. The concept Women for fucking High Shoals Georgia priming has been tested yuo used in marketing in different variations for decades.

In their lool, Mandel and Johnson tested how the background of a website can influence consumer behavior. They asked participants to compare two different car brands on a webpage. On one page, the background was green with pennies on it. The other was red with flames.

Participants that saw the green background spent more time looking at the price, since green and pennies are both associated with money.

Those who saw the red version were more focused on the safety features since red and flames can symbolize danger or an emergency. Their Instagram feed is packed with their signature red color scheme and logo. They maintain that consistency so when you see one of their posts in your feed, you immediately think about their products. In the screenshot below, notice how they even implement red outside of their logo by adding it in a jacket or the less subtle popcorn bucket.

Once you decide on a car, you start seeing it everywhere. Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon is a combination of two different processes happening in your brain at the same time— If you cant read the post dont look attention and confirmation bias. Selective attention happens any time you learn something new. The color blue is associated with dependability, security and trustworthinesswhich is why brands like Walmart Married lady want real sex Salinas Facebook use it.

So back to our blue example.

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Uber has If you cant read the post dont look been promoting their new Visa Local program. And they use consistent imagery people shopping around town with the diagonal frame and copy explore, dine ride across each platform to embed it in your mind. The isolation effect is probably the simplest and most straightforward principle on this list. Relating this back to Instagram, there are a few ways you can put this principle into practice.

One would be to make the focal point of your pictures significantly different than the background. One brand that uses the isolation effect well is BMW. While some of the backgrounds are Instagram-worthy on their own, the focus is always on the vehicle. Architects commonly use this principle when designing buildings by doing things like allowing natural sunlight, incorporating indoor gardens and other elements that emphasize the great outdoors.

If you want to see the biophilia If you cant read the post dont look in action, look no further than National Geographic. Even before the days of social media, National Geographic was well known for capturing breathtaking photos and videos of nature.

Instagram gives them a platform poat share even more frequently. And their engagement numbers show Fitness 19 off women who suck dick Horsham how powerful the biophilia effect can be on Instagram. Social proof is easily one of the most popular psychological tactics used by social media marketers.

There canf a lot of studies yo support the effectiveness of using social proof to influence consumer behavior.