Burgers in Ho Chi Minh City

While all of us at Street Foodies Saigon are complete street food evangelists, there are times when you need a good burger. Thankfully, Ho Chi Minh City has plenty of options to choose from! From humble greasy spoon types to fancy pants gourmet burgers, the city has them all. So we’ve compiled a list  places […]

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42 Hoang Dieu: A street food paradise

When we find great street food for our tour, we tend to find it in random spots, usually a bit of a drive away from each other. So it’s a rare occurrence when we stumble across a group of stalls that boggles the mind with the amount of choice and quality. We were even more […]

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Top 5 Com Trua dishes in Ho Chi Minh City

Top 5 Com Trua dishes in Ho Chi Minh City One of our favourite spots to eat in Vietnam are com trua restaurants. Literally translated as “rice day”, these are canteen-like spots that serve homestyle dishes, perfect for the fast paced Saigonite.. Most canteens serve at least 10 different dishes during peak hours which usually […]

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Bun Thit Nuong

Bun Thit Nuong Simple yet so complex, bun thit nuong has to be one of our favourite street food dishes in Vietnamese cuisine. Translated to noodle meat grilled, it’s a dish that lends well to the climate of Vietnam as it’s more of a salad than a noodle dish. It’s all about the layers in […]

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